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Bill Cipher is a dangerous dream demon from the animated show Gravity Falls.

Capable of many things, his powers mostly revolve around the mind and subconscious, especially within dreams. Once summoned, he is capable of manipulating the physical world and those within it, such as possession. However, to do much of this, he has to pull people into the Mindscape or somehow obtain a vessel.

Insane, psychotic, very knowledgeable of many things, and amused by almost anything, he has no problem with using others, tricking them, pulling them into bad deals, and more, he is the kind of antagonist you do not want to come across often—if at all.


Please comment here using this form to let me know what you would like Bill to know or not know about your character, plus other things.


Bill is often random and I am often up for any sort of plot! This is a win-win!

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